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Personalized Service and Consultation

Discover the value of your collection

We are strong buyers of stamp, coin, and precious metals collections or holdings, and no purchase is too small or too large. Please put our knowledge to work, to properly evaluate and purchase your items for sale. We are retailers, so remember that when selling, as we will pay more to find those things that our worldwide client base is seeking.

Confidential appraisal appointments available

For smaller holdings and collections, our offices and staff are always open to handle these items daily. But if you have a larger property or collection, or have something that will take more time or some special expertise to do, we suggest calling in advance to set up an appointment, in order to avoid any disappointment at the store.

Experienced and fair estate appraisals

We are appraisers as well, for those wishing to only have their items appraised, but not purchased. Trenton Stamp & Coin Co. does Federal or State appraisals, for both Estate and Tax purposes, and can do them written as well as verbal depending on your choice. These appraisals are done by appointment only, and can be done at our store location or at your home or bank vault. We have worked extensively over the years for Banks, Lawyers, the State, and Private Groups, and have earned our great reputation for thoroughness and confidentiality. Our fee structure is based on time, not value. Please call Tom to discuss and schedule.

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