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Your home for building your stamp collection

As nationally recognized sellers, we have a huge, diversified, and specialized stock of US and Worldwide stamps for sale. No matter what you collect, from modern to classics, Gem US singles to used packet stamps, or British Colonies to Disney topical stamps, we have what you are looking for. Our knowledgeable staff can direct and assist you to find whatever you might have an interest in to add to and expand your collection.

Know the value of your stamps

We are strict, competent, and conservative graders, and abide by our own meticulous high standard of grading. We feel that collectors should know that price is simply subject to the grade and condition of the item, so it is very important that any stamp is accurately graded, as well as noted for any problems or faults. Our price structure correctly matches the quality of the stamp. We offer a 100% customer satisfaction and return policy. When it comes to identification and grading, we have set the bar very high and we put our many years of experience behind the items we sell.

Let us buy your collection

Trenton Stamp & Coin Co. is a STRONG BUYER of all stamp collections, accumulations, and philatelic holdings. Should we determine that your property is saleable and marketable, we will buy the entire collection, and pay the best possible price to obtain that material for our worldwide customer base. As collectible stamp retailers, we can pay the right prices for your stamps, as we do not simply just wholesale them, but place them with collectors who are seeking out these treasures. We will take the time to properly and fairly evaluate all of what you have for sale.

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